Entrepreneurial motivation: Opportunity vs Need

BY aarrieta

There are generally 2 types of entrepreneurial motivation.

Motivation due to need; where reality pushes you to start something as a consequence of not being able to find a better alternative. Example: you are out of work, you can’t find your first job or you just simply retired and left the circuit.

It is very different if your motivation comes from spotting an opportunity in the market that you believe to be unique and that you can take advantage of.

In this sense George Soros, an entrepreneur visionary tycoon, to exemplify this, would say you see that lamp over there, well, I saw it first.

Many times this opportunity is not something revolutionary that can change the World, but it’s simply a small improvement that generated and efficiency, or another way of doing the same thing, that is perceived by the client as something valuable for which he or she is willing to pay.

If you are thinking of starting your own company, focus on catching this opportunity and on doing it at the right time, do not wait to be fired from your job, or that they reject this increase that never arrives to make the decision. Asses the cost of the opportunity of your current job vs. somebody filling the gap in the market that you spotted, that lamp that you saw before the others.

In my case, it helped me a lot to make the decision of becoming an entrepreneur, the fact that I perceived very risky working for others and my assessment of the growth opportunity that corporate life as well as entrepreneurship offered; but this is a topic that we can analyze in another post.

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