In a divided country that wants to get better

BY aarrieta

It is still fresh in my mind a phrase that I’ve read that states that in the east crisis represents opportunity and that in Argentina opportunity represents crisis. Without entering into a political discussion off-topic for this blog I wanted to tell you about my day yesterday.

While the country polarizes itself between the ones who support the farmers and the one who support the tax dues, while the city is paralyzed by two demonstrations, a group of young professionals that work in corporations get together called by Red Solidaria at 8:30 am at La Nacion offices, to try to make things better.

The purpose was to generate a working team that lets them take advantage of the team skills and their companies to provide for a change.

The attendees were:

•    Juan Carr (Red Solidaria)

•    Tarcisio Mulek (Unilever)

•    Julián María Iturrería (La Nación)

•    Carmen Alarcón  (Accenture)

•    Carolina Alvarez Eguileta (Municipalidad de Tigre)

•    Belén Capurro (Repsol YPF)

•    Mariana Gimenez (Areolíneas Argentinas)

•    Carolina Berzon (Accenture)

•    Ariel Arrieta (Fox Networks)

•    Nicolás Federico (Grupo Zurich)

•    Itatí Cabral (Fundación La Nación)

•    Ignacio Garía Santos (Arcor)

•    Laura      Peredo  (Poder Local)

•    Andrea  Repetto  (La Rural)

•    Valeria  Strozzi  (Grupo Peñaflor)

•    Belén   Capurro (Repsol YPF)

•    Carolina  Berzon  (Accenture)

•    Sabrina  Landoni  (Fundación Avon)

•    Ignacio  García Santos  (Arcor)

General Objective: to bring young professionals to work together with Red Solidaria to make the access easier to know what to do for the people that need to develop to be able to come out of poverty within volunteer work.

Vision: Employees propose to their companies to take people with different knowledge to the Red for an interdisciplinary work that promotes change to a better life standard of communities with fewer opportunities. The company allows supports and promotes volunteering work of their employees as an integral policy of Human Resources.

Field activation. Assessment of results. Constant construction. Making volunteering professional. Link to Cátedra de Lucha contra el Hambre.

There were common points:

– Frame: Hunger map/of those who work fighting Hunger/context/index/possible place of the company.

– We know that we want to work to promote structure improvement for concrete communities through links with existing actors. Need of organized diagnosis in order to act as a bridge.

– Meeting per say is important: “there are sensitive people in the companies that are willing to work for the change”. Getting together and starting to think/act together is already a new sign.

– Vision to make companies to get involved, to make professional volunteer work (within ourselves for now)

– Communal organizations need visibility and contacts to come out of invisibility (this reproduces the problem)

– Articulate efforts that already exist, multiply them. It can be done from the company. Working together.

– Leaning against Red Solidaria as a frame.

A real place to work on was introduced

Merendero La Paz.

Location: San Fernando, close to exit 202 of Panamericana. Guatemala and Arenales. Buenos Aires Province.

Receivers 125 children- 8 months to 14 years-.

Coordinated by Nélida (retired).

Metodology to be discussed:

Generating networks and public relation for vulnerable sectors + sustainable work y modifying structures (against assistance) + to provide from each actor’s knowledge + not to arrive to the community as a salvation group/empty words/false hopes/ lots of people/ position of knowing more than they do + careful diagnosis + possible concrete labor + not meeting our needs.

– offering to work in digital inclusion from several channels

– WAy of managing with the company from our location and our job. Mixed format. Possibility of including the company and personal commitment linked to the position.

If anybody else wants to join this working team you can call Itatí (work: 4319-1637 / cel. 15-6818-4060) or Tarcisio (work: 4318-2618/ cel: 155-932-2556).

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