Professional Style Awards 2012

BY aarrieta

It’s an honor to have been awarded the Premio Estilo Profesional 2012 (Professional Style Awars 2012) by Universidad de Palermo, particularly because it is a recognition of my path as an entrepreneur as well as a selection of professionals of which I’m proud to be a part.

Just as I mentioned in my thank-you speech, I believe Argentina needs more start-ups in order to change the future of the country. And for the start-ups to increase in number, I believe two things must change.

First of all, we should have more referents that inspire other entrepreneurs, just like in the USA Hewlett-Packard inspires people like Steve Jobs y Bill Gates and they in turn inspire people like Mark Zuckerberg and Marc Pincus.

Secondly, we should reverse our culture of failure. Behind every success story there are several failures and the fear of failing is one of the main factors that hinder entrepreneurship. So another thing that needs to be changed is social condemnation of failure and be replaced by lessons learned and capitalizing on experience.

Achieving these changes we will create a stronger entrepreneur ecosystem and I believe the University is accomplishing this by promoting entrepreneurship and featuring those who can inspire and be referents. In my case in particular, they do so by featuring an entrepreneur who failed plenty before succeeding and this is also why I’m grateful for this award.

The other professionals recongnized in this fourth edition of the award were: Juan José Campanella, Eugenio Aguirre, Narda Lepes, Evangelina Bomparola, Laura Muchnik, Claudio Marangoni, Claudio Tolcachir, Javier Ickowicz, Guillermo Olivetto, Oscar Fernández, Hernán Botbol, Javier Furgang, Picky Courtois, Ricky Pashkus and Pichón Baldinu.

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