Why do Subscribers Unsuscribe?

BY aarrieta


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Last week  Epsilon published a study (that you can see and download at the end of the post) where in April of 2009 together with ROI Research interviewed  4084 users from 13 countries (none from Latam), on the behavior pattern when receiving emails and newsletter with users authorization.

The most interesting thing about the study, that has an margin of error of +/- 1,5%, are the reasons why users unsuscribe from mailing lists, where the main one is irrelevant content followed by received too frequently or privacy issues.

Another interesting element is the difference between North American users that do not remember giving permission for this emails (48%) compared to 20% of Asia and 31% of Europe. I believe this is due to the aggresiveness of marketers to cover up the consent in a form with more date and of course clicking accept by default.

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