Let me introduce my book: Aprender a Emprender


This is one of the most exciting projects I have ever faced in my life: writing a book. After 4 years of development, “Aprender a Emprender” can be found at the main Argentine libraries. Its objective is to share with the community of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs all the lessons (that can be transmitted) on the process of building a company, making it work and selling it. To systematize the step by step I have turned to the theory of gaming. This starting point not only helped me with the step organization, but also kept several implicit messages: 1) As in every game sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. 2) The more you prepare, train and play, the better you get. 3) The best players are those who keep a competitive spirit. The book is organized into 8 chapters. Each chapter corresponds to a specific stage related with the one above. In the life an entrepreneur, the time in which a company remains in each stage can vary, but there is no way to skip steps. Not meeting the basic needs of each stage threatens the survival of the enterprise. The book is intervened by images, inspiring and challenging phrases. Besides making the 229 pages friendlier, they have a purpose: the entrepreneur must constantly seek for inspiration, reflection and (why not) humor, to encourage his way. Entrepreneurship is a creative process and you need inspiration. It is a process that requires a working methodology in which success is directly related to the strength in the formulation of the problems, we seek to solve with the product (or service) we create. With Atlantida as the publisher, I dedicate this book to my family and to the people who in some way or another have been part of my life as an entrepreneur and investor; I present this book and seek to be a roadmap for those who are willing to enter the game of entrepreneurship. I do wish to remind readers that with the purchase of each copy they are collaborating with the Junior Achievement Foundation, a global organization dedicated to promote entrepreneurial skills in young people. You can download the summary of my book in the Learn to undertake site.best price levitra online

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