Winners of the open business competition Naves of IAE

BY aarrieta

Once again I had the honor of being Judge of Naves for IAE, this time its 11th season.

This competition is a must for all people that have an idea for a company or a company that is just starting and besides the competition it is also a training and learning process of many things that unless you have an MBA, will be new,  at least in more than one aspect.

Before mentioning the winners of this competition I would like to review some milestones that reflect the impacto of this program, that is already 25 years:

1983 –  Started NAVES being tought as a subject

1987 – NAVES Competition (closed, for students only)

1999 – Enterpreneurship Center is created.

2000 – NAVES Competition (open)

Business Ideas:

  • 2000 business ideas evaluated.
  • 4400 participants
  • 15 institution at BIG NAVES
  • 650 business plans presented

More than 170 projects are running businesses today

And the contribution this year:

  1. Business idea category:
  • 1st place: Algae Liquor (Algae Liquor is created as a company focused on the production and sale of vegetable oil as a raw material to make biodiesel, together with a co-product proteína cake as a complement for animal feed).
  • 2nd Place: DivertiQA (DivertiQA, a new company of Quality Assurance services for the videogame industry. DivertiQA will provide videogame testing services to producers and publishers of videogames around the globe)

Emerging Company Category:

  • 1st Place: Pimento (offers gastronomic solutions to companies and corporate buildings through their services of:  food bars, Mobile quiosc, lunch boxes and Pimento Net)
  • 2nd Place: ( will be an online platform of massive tirad party of creative services, a global market of freelance talen. The site gather a community of registered users Experts on design and advertising, and offers companies the opportunity of posting contests offering a prize on monetary value to the best work.  Users send their finished work through the site and the company chooses a winner and receives the work.  Contests range from logo design to viral videos or advertising script.)

3.    Special Mentions:

  • Special mentio to social entrepreneurship: Huellas Digitales (Huellas Digitales is a Mobile lab for literacy and digital experiences. Its objective will be offering an intensive training program through creative Workshops to train on digital Tools young people form 12 to 25 years in a crisis situation – economical and cultural -, so they can use it as Management tool, as an instrument oriented to action, that allow them to generate higher employment possibilities)
  • Special Mention to Entrepreneurial Spirit: Rios Benso – Zapatos de Antología (Rios Benso is an shoe antology inspired on unique and different objects. We design women shoes targeting a sophisticated audience and we select best quality material and with a high sense impact .)
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