It is the New Market: Named Google Glass


To be an angel investor, is to seek investment opportunities in companies that focus on high growth markets and ideally uncompetitive. This search for opportunities are the industries generated a few years ago as SMS content providers, mobile application developers, the wed games (MMORPG), among others, all opportunities that initially seemed very small for a large company will interest and, from one day to the other, became the millionaire category. Although in its infancy, the technology to put on, or in English wearable technology, is about to enter the flow of innovation trends of consumption habits and new technologies, and is therefore a new scenario in which angel investors find great opportunities to place capital. Today, the technology giants are investing (a lot) in the development of new devices, and will be very aggressive in creating communities of developers able to create an ecosystem of applications to become profitable new market. Be Apple, with its ultra-rumored smartwatch, the next generation of FuelBand, Nike, or Google Glasses, which will be the first major player in the market to invest, I have no doubt that very soon what is now new morning it will be a very hot market. In the case of Google Glasses, the investment opportunity seems exponentially, the greater the possibility of disruption that the new product offers. For those not familiar, Google Glasses are glasses with a small screen whose purpose is to show the same information that the user gets through your smart phone, without using the hands, also allowing access to the Internet using generic propecia online

voice commands. According to a Forrester report, and there are at least 21.6 million Americans willing to buy (although not tried it, or what will be the price be) and, more importantly than that, evaluate the experience you expect to find with the new device as highly transformed. IPhone and iPad also consolidated the post-PC era; the brand promise of glass is the post-smartphone. So is the future of disruptive. This provocative idea and inspired a huge burst of speculation in the technological and investment industry. While the more conservative the new device enterprise with security issues, or ensure that users will prefer their phone and avoid the invasion of sight, others prefer to rely on the new technology will be as important as the Internet browser itself. The good news for investors who want to ride the wave of disruption of Google Glasses is that at present the system is open to the development of third parties will be able to add their products to the store and from there to do business. The way to capture this opportunity is to identify top entrepreneurial teams in the development of Android mobile applications as soon as possible to develop prototype applications on Google Glass Development Kit In Latin America, especially in Argentina, we have excellent developers and entrepreneurs to think projects of the device and add their own innovations from applications that can hang on the store of Glass and dominate this growing exponentially. The industries with greater enthusiasm have jumped on the wave of Glass with the automotive and fashion brands besides the look that I have Google device sunglasses and / or increase; the industry seeks applications that transform the experience of the tester apparel. Opening a range of business opportunities to the publishing industry both in design and the silage Deserve mention the possibilities for applications for e-health sector, as well as social inclusion, especially for blind users. So the new command to announce glass is ok to invest

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