Omma Behavioral One–Day Conference

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It took place yesterday at Nikko Hotel in SF the Omma Behavioral One–Day Conference and thanks to Media Post and this blog you will be able to see them and follow it, without investing on traveling or tickets. 😉

You can see the Schedule here

The first video that was available was Emily Ridley’s, Senior Analyst at Juppiter Research, who tell us that when we talk about Behavioral Marketing, what we are really talking about is people and their behavior and within this behavior she stands out the following:

–     Growth of behavioral targeting over other trend such as social media a

–     Tendency to interpret user behavior in search.

And I couldn’t continue because I stopped it and when I went back to it they had removed it.

Another available video is Peter Horan’s, CEO of IAC Media & Advertising, one of the largest Internet company owners of one of the most diverse conglomerate of online business, who presented HyperTargeting without the Hype.

Some of the presentation concepts:

–       We are at the beginning of what we can achieve with BT, we are at Day 0.

–       Media business is to rent audience and the attention of this audience.

–       Media business is like a pendulum that moves from audience based segmentation, Demos and coverage, creatives and impact.

–       One of the problems of HyperTargeting is that there isn’t enough inventory to maintain quality and efficiency, because you reach such small niche that the Publisher has to return the Money of the audience that the advertiser wants to reach but the Publisher can not do it.

–      Smarter Targeting: Behavioral targeting is the cherry on top of the Sunday. (You can not only sell covers). The objective is to balance efficiency and scalability

–       Efficiency in the long term continues depending on brand building.

–       The context where the ad appears is still important.

–       Segmentation Types:

o   Environmental Targeting: Closet o the transaction on site of e-commerce, usage of BT, Vertical AdNetworks

o   Audience targeting: Zip code, persistent profiles, (Xplus , Zip+4)

–      In 10 years, the audience will be one, (a man, a woman or a family)

Another presentation was a Round table about if BT is for Niche or it will be the next Big Thing.

The panel was moderated by Jason Heller who comes from Infoseek (he’s been more than 10 years working on BT campaigns).

The panel was formed by Jarvis Mak , Joseph Weaver, James Kleiman and Robin Netfield.

I’m not a big fan of panels because people want to show off, to seem intelligent and the content in most of the cases is left behind.

You can find other coverage at Vortex

The last available presentation was David Hallerman’s, Senior Analyst of eMarketer, who describes BT as the hot zone that every industry would like to have, with a growth that in the US goes form 575m in 2007, to 925m in 2009, 1.45bn 2009, $2.3bn in 2010, 3.5bn in 2011 and 4.8bn in 2012. Beyond 2012 nobody is going to remember to make a claim if the number doesn’t reach to half, or that the appearance of Hallerman is a pseudonym for Ray Bradbury and all this is not other than science fiction. The important thing here is the trend is setting and as everything, and especially in the USA, Money talks.

Another interesting graphic is the increase of the ad spending share, where today the base is small but growing rapidly.

BT top performance Tactic for performance and ROI

Growing difficulties:

– most of the tactics are experimental.

People (not consumers, users) want:

–       Not to be found or segmented,

–       Relevant content, relevant relations, etc.

–       Privacy, but they want personalization

–       Transparency and honesty from marketers

–       Control

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