The efficiency of ad formats according to IAB

BY aarrieta

The Spanish IAB has just launched a local study on the “efficiency on Display Formats on the Internet and social networks users’ attitude towards these formats.”

It is really good to understand the formats that are remembered the most specially if you are going to advertise using fixed price models that are still used on most of the media, where the price and the value are not aligned, understanding value as the user’s response.
On the other hand, all this becomes just a article if your buying model is based on results or performance or if you participate on markets with dynamic pricing (buying with a dynamic CPC or a bid CPC for example).
The most important critic that we can make to this study is that it only took into account the efficiency but not the cost of each format. For example it is affirmed that the “second most efficient format is Video” but it is also one of the most expensive one and probably buying for less money more impressions that are less efficient of another format you can obtain a higher ROI.
Finally the data on the ranking of each social network I think will be very useful for the planners that target the Spanish market to segment by demographics.  I don’t recommend this, but I do recommend segmenting by interest but this is for another post.
Here is the study, enjoy:

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