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People from  OneUpWeb developed a study on the assessment of the hot spots of Facebok, Twitter and Youtube.  The study is as interesting as useless from the statistic point of view since it shows that each study is based on only 25 cases.
Beyond the statistics facts, the graphs on the “temperature” of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the reading order of the sites display elements that can appear on any presentation to clients or agencies to relay that you really know what you are talking about.:)
Eyetracking is a technology of tracking the eye of the user very popular nowadays in the world.  This is achieved through and eyetracker monitor that launches infrared rays to the eyes of who is using it. These rays bounce to the center of the eye an go back to the device, allowing it to calculate precisely where the eye is watching.
The analysis on interest areas can also be used as a justification of any management argument since it is another intuitive piece of information not very precise.
Beyond all critics its worth spending a few minutes watching the study:

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