Introducing our new videoblog “StartupsWay”


For a long time I was an interview junkie. I would immerse myself in interview shows such as This Week in Startups de Jason Calacanies, the video of the week with Fred Wilson, “This week in VC” from Mark Suster, or Andreessen Horowitz‘ s podcast, among others. I have been inspired by these great “creators” and, at the same time, have noticed the lack of this kind of content in Spanish that covers Latin America’s business cases. I am thrilled with our investment in Fav! Network, a production company that produces, distributes and monetizes original video content, and I ran out of excuses to not create a Latin American version of such a great product. That’s how StartupsWay was born 🙂

In this first episode and MVP (minimum viable product), I share the same side of the table with Seba Catalano. The aim is to unveil the dark side of big companies by engaging in dialogue with founders and asking them to share their successful moments, mistakes, big discoveries and mininnovations. We want to broadcast Latin American talent and paint a picture of how startups in Latin America are built. Often times, we may know how these companies are started, but we don’t know very much about the journey to where they are now. I welcome you to watch our MVP, in which we feature Guibert Englebienne, Co-Founder and “shaman” of Globant, an Argentine Company that has recently made the shortlist of Latin American Unicorns (valued at more than US$ 1 billion dollars in NASDAQ). Please share your comments!

Suscribe to our channel. Thanks FAV! Network for the support.

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