LatAm Invades Silicon Valley Conference helps startups to build network and reach available Capital Labs

The Tech Panda, an online curator of tech content around the world, published an interesting article highlighting LatAm Invades Silicon Valley that occurred this September. Our own, Ariel Arietta, CEO of NXTP online pharmacy Labs was interviewed on the importance of the … Continue reading

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Latin American Startups and Chilecon Valley: The Beginning of a Boom

An article published September 13th, 2013 by VentureBeat highlights the booming technological growth of Latin America. This article also highlights the conference LatAm Invades Silicon Valley which has been taking places for the last two years in Silicon Valley, California. … Continue reading

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Fright night in the valley

I wanted to share with you an article that was published by The Economist : Having learnt from the dotcom bust, technology entrepreneurs hope to stay afloat this time around Alamy HALLOWEEN is still a week away, but homes throughout … Continue reading

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