Singularity and Growth in Latin America: Nine Drivers of Category-Leading Companies

Enterprises like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter are unique in the high level of impact they have on the world. With billionaire valuations, they redefine ways of doing business and are at the forefront of consumer trends. … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Thought, Technology, and Investments

What today makes the senses and the human brain, the origin of our knowledge, took centuries to evolve from atoms to molecules, which settled into DNA and then developed the human mind, which can process abstract ideas and our daily … Continue reading

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Balance and challenges 2010 2011

  The end of the year is a momment in which the calendar makes you stop and make a balance and closure of the business year. Professionaly at Nextperience we had a great year in which we could grow and … Continue reading

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Mercado Libre bought the rest of De Remate paying USD40B and if it keeps its P/E not only it will be free of charge but it will make money out of it.

Today 5 different people came to tell me that Mercado Libre had just bought the remaining of Then I started to see its impact on the blogsphere. Public companies have a higher value than the private companies, due to … Continue reading

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