How startups can survive the crisis

Crisis? What crisis? Since last August 24 we’ve been experiencing an economic crisis triggered mainly by what was called the “Black Monday”. China’s stock market dropped 8.5% in one day, wiping out trillions of dollars of market value in China … Continue reading

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Mercado Transporte: the ally for online shoppers

community payday loan Have you seen a piece of furniture that you really love at a bargain price? but unfortunately, it is located 400 miles away from home? MercadoTransporte aims to fix this problem. Just like eBay is an online … Continue reading

BY Nora Palladino

Gonzalo Alonso makes some moves and Google continues getting more Brazilian.

As we could predict after his departure from Google, it wouldn’t take long for Gonzalo Alonso to find a place in the industry where he could continue adding value. The first piece of news that we received was his incorporation … Continue reading

BY aarrieta

Ariel goes to Harvard

I have recently been accepted to participate at the management program of the Harvard Business School for owners and presidents number 41 9 (OPM Owner/President Management) The program consist of 3 weeks during 3 consecutive years, Harvard Boston Campus immersion, … Continue reading

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