LatAm Invades Silicon Valley Conference helps startups to build network and reach available Capital Labs

The Tech Panda, an online curator of tech content around the world, published an interesting article highlighting LatAm Invades Silicon Valley that occurred this September. Our own, Ariel Arietta, CEO of NXTP online pharmacy Labs was interviewed on the importance of the … Continue reading

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Mobile: The Holy Grail of angel investors

I share my article from Forbes Argentina One of the latest concepts that Steve Jobs left us as a legacy is the notion that we live in an era of what he called “post PC devices”, nowadays more commonly called … Continue reading

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10 media in which your startup should be featured

After a long time collaborating in promoting NXTP Labs’ start-ups, here’s a list of the top 10 digital media where your start-up needs to be featured. They are ordered in accordance with Our Majesty Alexa ranking.

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99 web tools for share ideas and knowledge

This is a list of 99 web tools to share knowledge Visual Learners Visual learners learn through seeing and retain more information when it’s presented in the form of pictures, diagrams, visual presentations, textbooks, handouts and videos. Here are some Web … Continue reading

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Sticky: Ariel goes to Harvard

I have recently been accepted to participate at the management program of the Harvard Business School for owners and presidents number 41 9 (OPM Owner/President Management) The program consist of 3 weeks during 3 consecutive years, Harvard Boston Campus immersion, … Continue reading

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Annual ranking of the top online brokers

Since a few months ago I have been operating with options and stocks with an online broker (ThinkOrSwim.Com).

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