There is a higher interest on semantic technology

BY aarrieta


There is a joke in the world of web technology that have become a cliché in which it is said that “semantic analysis is and will always be the future”.  It makes clear reference of where to go, but at the same time that is impossible to reach. Well, this that has been a reality for the last ten years and is changing now.
A piece of news that went inadvertently was the investment  of $10.5 million that Evergreen Venture Partners, obtained on its third round from Peer39, a technology developer of advertising optimization that uses semantic analysis).
Beyond the investment, this shows the interest of the market (VCs) on this technology that can be distributive and allows a higher grade of evolution to advertising relevance.
The semantic analysis, if it is done fast enough and efficiently, produces a higher relevance than contextual advertising (Google).
As we mentioned almost a year ago at DigitalTalk, this Could be one of the changing factors and whoever is able to combine:
·    Semantic Optimization (understanding the content meaning and not the contextual-keywords) with
·    Behavioral Data (understanding the audience interests),
·    Using predictive technology (which combines the advertiser with the correct ad for each audience)  and
·    Escalate them in a way that a large base of advertisers can find a large base of users, will be able to generate a value that escalates on efficiency as no other media can do it.
Who is trying to do this:

  • Isense (Adpepper)
  • Amplify
  • Proximic
  • Leiki
  • Apricot 4 Networks
  • Popego

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