The End of an era for Google Latam

BY aarrieta


The previous picture is called ¨the sun desappears in Buenos Aires¨ and it was taken from the Google offices in Argentina, by an amateur photographer called GonzaloAlonso and it seemed to be the right allegory.

Today is the last day of Gonzalo Alonso as a Google employee and he closes a period that started in the beginning of the year 2005, when he left his job as a  Sales Director of T1MSN, the largest Internet portal of Latin America to be in the beginning General Director of Google Mexico, the largest search engine of world, opening offices in Mexico city to later take the whole operation of the hispanic markets in Latin America, moving to Argentina where he opened the regional operation center and from here manage the business of Google in the region.

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5 thoughts on “The End of an era for Google Latam

  1. Gracias hermano, como siempre tus palabras son generosas.

    Gracias a todos y si…me quedo en definitiva en Buenos Aires 🙂 … así que nos estaremos viendo!

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