Digital Talk : an intimate and interactive event

BY aarrieta

After several weeks of preparations, we finally put together Digital Talk, the event that together with Damian Voltes and Mariano Amartino ideated and coordinated.

It was a particular event in its model that reached the expected goal of generating an alternative space to think and exchange experiences and point of view among peers.

The dynamic of the event was 20 big shots who shared without an audience, experiences and point of view. We could obtain the level of opening and closeness that added to the event the value of uniqueness that only some peer events get to achieve.

A little more than 10 minutes of attention from the remaining 19 was enough for each one to expose and share their point of view and motivations.

Andy Freire (Axialent) gave the first presentation with his talk called ¨10 steps to eternal happiness” where parodying the new age gurus, talked about a personal model to analyze problems and created an environment that made more than one rethink their presentation.

Later it was my turn to talk, the topic I presented was the future of advertising relevant, talking about the current paradigm and which new companies have great ideas to change it and the challenge they FACE when trying to take these ideas to technological implementations in the first instance and then to big companies as big objectives to be reached.

I was followed by Gustavo Buchbinder (WebAr), who prepared a presentation about the end of avant-garde, but he ended up telling us about his introspection habits and the things that were motivating for him, highlighting the tools that he uses for team coaching.

Alejandro Sas (Buongiorno) presented on the convergence Web Mobile, the stages of evolution of the industry and shared his experience as entrepreneur.

Juan Carlos Lucas(Innova), under the title Future Argentina: our possibility of making history, invited us to act on the factors that influence education and acting in a coordinating manner.

The following track was in charge of Esteban Panzeri (Lenovo) “Follow your ideas” where he presented the way of supporting and exploiting ideas with a very textual and inspirational presentation.

Leonardo Piccioli (OfficeNet), a man of many options had more than one presentation to give us and ended up leaving “the company that talks” for another time in order to ask us and himself 4 great doubts on which we all reflected.

Martin Hazan (MRM), without a PowerPoint presentation an with a little piece of paper honouring Minguito Tingitela (an Argentinean comedy character that carried many little pieces of paper with notes in his pockets) reviewed his main sources of inspiration leaving the environment very stimulated and up.

Mariano Amartino instead of his presentation on WEB 3.0 he lighted up the FIRE with the evolution of the media and explained the reason for the old tradition of getting together to listen to stories that we have since cavemen times up to web 3.0.

Esteban Galuzzi (Intel) closed the first half of the day, telling the new trends on hardware and the impact that the usage of processors X86 on cell phones will have.

After lunch Gaby Menta (AcroWorld) told us how Inspiration on the new technological and economical sceneries impact on us, describing some the most important calls that he had received in his life.

Eduardo Mangarelli(Microsoft) under the title of Creating the disruption, described the disruptive processes and the way of stimulating them and to be prepared.

Federico Tessore (Invesor Global) with his talk “The role of technology on personal investment”, reviewed the evolution of personal finance and showed the lack of formal education on this area and how technology and the investment community have taken this role.

Horacio Werner (Cisco) told us the adventures and misadventures of working for the state and which is the best way of taking advantage of the human capital that there is there.

Martin Migoya (Globant) Shared the perspective of exploring new markets and opportunities that we have in the industry and the challenges that we are facing ahead.

Damian Voltes with the title “the era of impatience” showed a sign of the time with implications in almost any aspect of the modern life.

Adrian Herzkovich (Fox), warned us about the dangers of sitting on the laurels and how a company or a person have the opportunity of adapting to the changes we are going through today.

Juan Pablo Bruzzo (DineroMail), reviewed the implications and strategies of a crisis under the perspective of a start-up in Latam.

Gonzalo Alonso (Google)was in charge of an unforgettable closure, who in a personal intimate balance, went back to his roots and sources reviewing the basis of his motivation closing with an analysis on how he would like to transcend.

We will be uploading the videos of this event at

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