USA: The other election

BY aarrieta

Simultaneously to the presidential election, in California there was another election that to me is as important as the presidential one. In fact California was the only surprising result since Obama was a clear winner in that state.

This ballot was in reference to the proposition 8, they were looking into making popular a decision that the California Supreme Court had taken where same sex marriage was considered a constitutional right according to California Bill of Rights. To me this is a very important election not only because of the people whose life is affected but because with this kind of decisions is setting precedent of one of the most accepted paradigms which in my opinion is not right, where the majority can decide over the minority and this “democratic” bow to the will of the majority by the minority can lord the basic rights over and create the foundation for big conflicts of human race.

Taking this thought to a highly conflicted extreme, this kind of subjugation of the minority was the bases for massive killing of ethnic groups and societies and the development of the holocaust to name some.

Nowadays one of the most important trends of our times is the fragmentation of taste, audiences and interests, creating million of minorities organized by a long tail. In all the fields (whether legislation, media, advertising targets, etc.) we will have to decide in which way we will bow to the majority or make them bow to us. Or if we can find a way to respect the minorities creating a participative decision model representing this minorities.

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