As we had previously announced it, Yahoo launches APT

BY aarrieta

As we announced it a few weeks ago Jerry Yang has just launched, in the Advertising Week, its new Display Ads platform called APT.

Today we read it in the NYT, but what they are not saying is:

This solution is trying to become a One-Stop-Shop for display ads, where it tries to combine adserving, adnetwork and ad exchange (RigthMedia) characteristics, allowing the testing and optimization with all online advertising elements based on performance and adding demographic segmentation options and interests distinctive of Branding users.

Other important characteristics will be the opening to connect publishers and advertisers. The biggest question will be the degree of transparency that they will work with, one of the highest criticism to Google and a potential comparative advantage if Y! can capitalize it.

Some tool characteristics:

– Guaranteed cross-selling with pre-defined selling rules

– Ad Exchange for non-guaranteed inventory

– Advanced audience targeting techniques based upon behavior and geography

– Inventory lookup and forecasting across individual and partner sites

– Creative workflow automation and personalization

– Powerful rate card tools for improved yield management

– Filters for better controls around creatives

– Flexible and powerful APIs

– Federated ad call to support multiple ad formats

– Allowing publishers to manage their own private networks.

I think that one of the best thing that could happen to online advertising is to “recover” such and important player as Yahoo.

More info at: APT.Yahoo.Com

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