The new version of Internet Explorer 8 could risk Internet sustainability

BY aarrieta

The new version of Internet explorer, according to the Washington Post announcement, would contain an AdBlocker (InPrivate Blocking) that would block all advertisement, main sustain of websites and online content providers.

It is so irrationally critical the imact this could have that I don’t believe it would come out as it was announced.

As a second intention and as dangerous as the first one because it won’t have so many defenders, it has the objective of limiting the use of tracking pixels, which will destroy one of the best innovation that online advertising has today and it is forecast that it will grow in the coming years,  which is Behavioral Marketing.

I believe that eMarketers will have to review their projections if the adblocker is launched, since pixels are the based of Behavioral Targeting:

Luckily InPrivate Blocking run will be so anoying to the users taht they will end up skiping it in case it doesn’t act as it happens with the pop blockers. More product info here.

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One thought on “The new version of Internet Explorer 8 could risk Internet sustainability

  1. Yeah the Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 disables my McAfee Product. So it is wisely to uninstall this browser or else your computer will be compromised. Why Microsoft release this product? They didn't even test it on their own? I'm an avid fan of Microsoft but in that case, I must be more careful. Beta are the products that needs improvement so if you want to try this at your own risk, I'd better tell you to use Opera Web Browser or Google Chrome.

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