Hulu : without ad inventory, they place ads even in the Error 404

BY aarrieta

Hulu, the online site that appears of the joint venture between NBC and FOX where you can see professional content- not UGC, such as The Simpson, FAmily Guy, The office, etc.- is selling all its inventory.

The solution the have found to this “happy problem”, is to place ads (overlay ads) on the error 404 page, which is showed when a non existing page is requested. In this case appears the famous Doh! of Homer Simpson with an overlay of the ad.

Another example of a good message of how to take advantage of the error 404 is

As a final tip if you are outside the USA and you can not wait for the versions outside the US, which are coming soon, you have 2 alternatives. Both are bad and slow, but if moving to the US is not an option: 1. you can use a corporate VPN of a network of a multinational that assigns and IP of the US (my case) or 2.You can use some proxy http which you can find googling: Hulu + Proxy.

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