Personal marketing goes professional, create your own Focus Group.

BY aarrieta

Internet is changing the way we do things, a reality that nobody question anymore.

The way of doing PR and personal marketing was revolutions by disruptive changes that the social networks, fotologs generated, and they way of posting and making visible certain aspects of people life that were only exposed to a reduced number of people.

Well, if you really take seriously the image that you Project to people and taking into account that you friends and mother are not the best judges, you can hire the services of a German company, where they offer you to upload a Picture and impartial people comment on them.

The service that they offer starts with a free trial where you can upload a Picture and 30 people can answer to one question. Then the services go from:

•    Basic Check costs EUR 25 to upload 50 testers of 10 standard questions.

•    Optimal Check costs EUR 49 for 50 testers of 20 questions that the client selects from a data base

•    Business Check costs EUR 490 for 1000 testers that answer to questions created by the user

Once the testing is done you have access to a full report that details the mix of the exhibition, age, gender, etc.

Results confidentiality is also important, being this an important value compares to or

Up to my knowledge there is only one site in Germany, but I believe that we could see several copycats soon.

If you are obsessed with your image you can not stop yourself from trying it :)

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