Some of the most inspiring and useful videos that can be watched TODAY

BY aarrieta

Omnision is one of the online video companies that could generate a product so innovative that can receive content of quality videos and that YouTube in a defensive move, decided it to buy them.


Today I tried to upload a video of the presentation that I gave at Palermo University for the opening of the business plan competition that it organizes together with Inversor Global Inversor Global and I found that they have disabled the possibility of uploading videos and if you want to do so you can go to YouTube.


Before you think of downloading te content, I recommend you to watch some of the most important videos for entrepreneurs that are related to Startup School 08.

In my opinion the ranking goes:

1- David Heinemeier Hansson, founder of 37Singnals,  a basecamp provider, who tells you how to set up a software company where you can make 1,000,000 getting 2000 clients that pay $40 per month and brings down to earth dreams that seem unachievable. I also recommend you to read his book online Getting Real and if you want follow him on his blog or at  Twitter.


2 Paul Graham, founder of YCombinator, a company that supports a group of entrepreneurs to turn an idea into a project that works and gives you good some tips on how to start your own company.



3 Greg McAdoo, partner at Sequoia Capitals, which invested on seed capital in almost all the Internet comapnies that you may know, he tells you how they evaluate the companies where Sequoia Capital Invest.


4 Paul Buchheit, founder of  FriendFeed creator of GMail, tells you how you have to listen to your users. BTW I also recommend you to  subscribe to his blog


5 Marc Andreessen, founder of Ning, Opsware (sold to HP in 1.6 billion cash , 16X revenue), Netscape and the creator of the first browser Mosaic, tells you the story while Jessica Livinstone  interviews him, autor of  founders at work , another very interesting book to read.



6 Mike Arrington founder of Techcrunch and blogger, shows you how to imporvise when a presentation doesnt work and gives you useful tips on how to respond to the press and blogger for your startup.

7 Jeff Bezos, founder of, tells you some of the opportunities that Amazon sees, he also gives you some tips but it looks like a sales pressentation, but he is still one of the most succesful founders of the first wave of startups, where we went bankrupt with our companies and he was succesfull.


Finally and not at Omnisio, but everywhere else and y retrieved form the impecable post of Alec  the video of the conference offered by Radolph Paandolph Pausch on September 18th 2007 at the Carnegie Mellon.



At the end, if you understand English you have the experience of the most influential and successful people of the entrepreneurial world a click away.



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