Coverage of the Video Advertising event at AMDIA

BY aarrieta

Last week on the Digital Chapter of AMDIA we offer a conference on Video Advertising.




There we talked about the main characteristics of online video versus TV, we showed some examples of online video and explained some speech differences when selling TV and online advertising.

We showed the way of comparing the TV audience and practically demonstrated a way of measuring the coverage that cable TV and online provides and how we can calculate the additional coverage point that each campaign generates.

Being able to obtain the coverage on a daily basis of each media, we can calculate the cost of the daily additional coverage point, and be able to determine at which point each action stops being profitable and not falling in the fallacies of the averages.

This way we can make a daily cost analysis per coverage point, a tool that allow us to make investment decisions and when to stop the investment or reassign the funds to optimize the ad.

Another feature that Online Video advertising has compared to TV is the possibility of adapting the edition of the advertising piece to the demographic data of each person that is watching it using behavioral marketing as a dynamic segmentation tool.


Other facts:

·      The cable TV world and the Internet world are different and speak different languages.

·      Advertisers who advertise on TV do not understand the online media and the online industry insists on using its own language instead of the one the advertisers are familiar with.

·      In two year the Internet user segment of 25-34 years old grew 21% and the 35-44 years old 14%.

 ·    Hyper segmentation of the net and its technical possibilities make it possible to reach users with personalised versions of the same message.

·      Internet and TV are complementary, the important thing is to know when to stop investing on one and focus on the other.

·      TV is more efficient than Internet in terms of reach, but to a point. The best combination would be 75% TV and 25% Internet.

·      Online, even though brands are still working, friend’s referrals and sites popularity and links become very important.

·      Video industry reacted to Internet seeing the opportunities, music industry missed over 5 years seeing Internet as a threat.

·      80% of Internet users stated having watched some video advertising in 2007. It is estimated that this type of advertising generated 16% of the actions related to purchasing.

·      For video advertising it is recommended to use pre roll, that goes with a traditional banner and lasts between 15 and 30 seconds.  

·      Internet user has become more complex, consumes the content taht he wants when he wants it and filters what he is not interested in.

·      Additionally he produces his own content.





Members of the panel were:

Lucas Mentasti has a degree on Business Economy (Di Tella) and has a Master in Marketing Integrated Communication (Northwestern University, USA). In january 2008 was appointed President of the Digital Chapter of AMDIA. He has been Director at DDB Argentina and Associated Advisor at The Boston Consulting Group.  He has a vast experience on brand building through the usage of integrated communication channels, besides he has a deep knowledge of new consumers and channels.

Patricia Tomasini has a degree on IT (UBA) and a Master on Internet and e-commerce Marketing (Belgrano University).  She has been General Manager at the Portal UOL Argentina and Content Manager at Ciudad Internet.  She is also a founder partner of Axent, pioneer company in Multimeda in Argentina. Currently she is Regional Manager of Content and Marketing at Mixplay, a division of Broadband and Internet of the Group Claxson.

Ariel Arrieta has a degree on Trading (Palermo University) and attended a post grade of Internet

Marketing (Belgrano University). He has been working on Internet companies since 1994. Founded and worked as a Business Director at I-Solution and OK-Compra. Later he founded and directed Digital Ventures and InZearch, companies recently acquired by FOX. He has been Chief of Technical Support and Webmasters at Century Internet, Business Development manager at Inea Internet and Sales Manager at Via Networks Argentina/S&M Internet.

For more info dowloand the event sumary made by Sintesis Ejecutiva

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