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BY aarrieta


Following with the series of breakfasts organized by AMDIA together with UP (Palermo University), next Thursday July 31st at 9:00 am at the Facultad de Ciencias Económicas of UP Larrea 1079 – 2º floor Room AUDITORIUM,  the topic will be Video Advertising.

I will be there in the panel together with Patricia Tomasini coordinated by Lucas Menasti, to talk about the possibilities of Video Advertising, how to advertise, how to compare results to TV, and what can be done with Online Video that can not be done with TV: for example, customized the ads for the users based on the behavioral targeting profiles that the Networks have.

The invitation flyer states:

Video has won over the Web.

The typical Internet content used to be in the beginning text, then it added images and now video. With broadband prices going down dramatically from month to month, transfer speed is good enough to be able to see the content comfortably.

It is calculated that approximately 50% of Argentines entered YouTube at least once in the last month. Together with this trend, Internet audiovisual advertising is developing and promises to be the next boom.

This breakfast is targeted to professionals in the marketing, advertising and media areas that use or are considering using this tool. The purpose is to show the possibilities, strategies and metrics of this new format.

The topics to be discussed are the following:

Los temas que serán cubiertos son los siguientes:

Trends and inclinations to video content consumption

Ads formats in this new form of entertainment:

preroll, postroll, and videobanners.

Samples of advertising actions form local and worldwide advertisers.

Convergence with other video technologies such as: IPTV and TVmovil.

· Coordinador:

Lucas Mentasti– President of the Digital Chapter of AMDIA


Patricia Tomasini – Mix PLay

Ariel Arrieta – .Fox Networks

See you there…

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