Post 0 (Version 3.0)

BY aarrieta

This is the post 0, like the issue 0 of a newspaper or a magazine, in which is tested that everything is working properly and if it is liked it or not and in which you can make all the necessary adjustment for a happy launch.

As in a start-up, perfection is the enemy of the concrete, for which is more important to launch than to finish all the details that I would have like to have, therefore please accept my apologies for any sloppiness that I will be polishing as time goes by.

The title of the post that says Version 3.0 is because this is my third blog.

My first approach into writing a blog came with the launch of MSN spaces, in April 2005, where what I posted was seen by my friends who became aware of that by a star that appeared next to my name on the Messenger.

It was mainly useful to communicate my friends what I was reading about and what I thought it was interesting enough to share with them without sending an email every day.

The next version was seriously entered into in November of 2006 when I registered, and as I wasn’t sure of being able to keep up with the commitment of writing regularly and with the intention of using it as a corporative PR tool, I invited my partners Damian Voltes, German Herebia and Juan Carlos Goldy to take on the venture of using the blog to spread our Marketing online knowledge and to make our contribution into the industry we belong to.

Some months ago Damian Voltes, started his own personal blog, and in this act I am starting mine. This doesn’t mean that we are not in good terms among the four of us, on the contrary, now we are back to being just friends since we are not partners anymore as Fox acquired the company.

Personally I believe that the objectives of corporate communication, with theDigitalMarketingBlog was started, were reached and it is time to go into a new stage where online marketing isn’t the only possible topic and where personal opinion and the analysis that I may make can or can not be shared by my peers.

This is why I’ve launched this version 3.0, at, something more personal than this doesn’t exist.

I hope to use this space to discuss with you, the one reading this, and with who may be interested in the topic. I need your contribution so we can exchange ideas and experiences.

I am including a selection of my last posts at theDigitalMarketingBlog in order to continue discussions on these matters.



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