Google moves forward on different fronts and in a same direction

BY aarrieta

Four pieces of news on the last weeks about what Google is doing, impressed me since they show what Google is working on and it is not very difficult to imagine what the future road map looks like.

News 1: The first one is related to Behavioral Targeting (BT) testing originally posted by the NYT ( covered by Jose Luis at tecnorantes, Mariano at Denker Uber , and others).

For Behavioral Targeting (BT) to work efficiently a large amount of user data is needed as well as a lot of advertising inventory so after finding the vertical segment that we are looking for we can have that chance of re targeting those users with the information obtained from their behavior patterns. There is nobody better that Google for the first of these conditions and without a doubt one of the top 5 for the second one.

News 2: The inclusion of a privacy policy on the home page, that the market requested as a clarification, and which is upon the California State Law

This is the previous step to efficiently using great part of the data that Google has in order to make advertising more relevant, a Holy Grail of Internet.

News 3: Google Adsense starts to do rev-share over the contents offer to third parties.

With this step Google not only gets into the business of content, a business traditionally managed by players such as Fox and Turner, but that in relation with the rest of the post, will let them store likes and preferences of users related to the vertical contents and to segment campaigns in the same way.

News 4: Google trends for website as a tool for campaign planning is launched.

This tool is a media that allows planner to have demographic information of the sites, currently provided by Comescore, Nilsen as market leaders and a position contested by Alexa, Compete and others.

Data source for these planning tool and of any user behaviour based development (BT), are Google Analytics , pasted into million sites, Google Bar

I believe that the most important value of this tool will provide Google will be the understanding of how the users of this tool buy and plan media. (Which is pretty much basic nowadays but we will be seeing an improvement in the short term).

Google reached its current efficiency and relevance level through the usage of contextual advertising, even though at some time it warmly tried some BT features, but never did more than storing data.

Now it seems that we are about to see the beginning of a new efficient generation that will give a twist to advertising as web2.0 gave it to Internet.

Even though what Google is doing and what it can do is impressive, I humbly make a call to my colleagues in the industry that we belong to:

The Industry must:

Self regulate: few things would be worse that being regulated by some government that without the knowledge and good intentions has never helped to develop any industry and almost ever hinders their development. More so, being so easy to respect people’s individual privacy and concentrating efforts on segmenting anonymous homogeneous groups.

Define clear rules:

The only way for the whole industry to develop and it is not only a monopoly player, is through clear rules, transaction transparency and guaranteeing equal opportunity to access key resources. (a freer market)

Spread the benefits of BT, not only to the publishers, networks and data provider but also there is a high value for the user that will only match ad that is relevant to them, in a language of his/her preference and that is pleasurable and fun, that takes his/her likes into account, as well as his/her cultural needs and allows them to have a dialogue between him /her and the brand.

Support the developments that generate value, without entering into competition plot (watch Ballmer talking about the Google Bar)

Generate creative alternatives capable of offering some disruptive technology that generates a higher relevance than contextual marketing, and if possible than BT.

We are about to take a small step for a company, a huge step for humanity…

To be clear about what a cookie is:

Google explains what a cookie is

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