Google Alliance- Yahoo as an oligopoly impose itself to market forces

BY aarrieta

Last week my friend Mariano Amartino was asking my opinion on the Google-Yahoo Alliance, and my answer was that we are going to miss one of the biggest opportunities of generating a strong competition to Google, that the industry needs.

I don’t have anything against Google (actually I am a stockholder) but I believe that monopolies hinder industry development.

Neutralizing yahoo as a competitor, Google eliminates the highest experienced competitor on the text link ads field and contextual advertising.

Even if the acquisition from msn had gone through  and potentially, newscorp, it was going to be very difficult to  have an alternative more efficient than google and defenitely on the same scale.

This way there much fewer possibilities of somebody being able to win google on its game.

Now we have to sit and wait for a developemnt of a disruptive change so there is another technology that takes over google’s efficency  ( probably from facebook, newscorp, or maybe  apple) but definetely these changes take longer time.

At least this is how I see it…

As a  bonus for this post and as a consequence of lacking strategy, consensed vision and sharing with the post of Mariano about the estampeed Yahoo is going through I add this list that I was forwarded with the new positions, which we need to add the teams of Argentina and Mexico:

More...Person Yahoo Title New Title Date Left Yahoo

.Tish Whitcraft VP of Customer Care RUMORED – to be taking the top Customer Care job at MySpace January, 2007

.Guto Araujo Sr. Director of Product Management, Emerging Markets VP/GM of Software & Services, DivX January, 2007

.Ofer Shaked Director of Search Engineering, Yahoo! CTO, CurrentTV February, 2007

.Dan Rosensweig COO Operating Partner, Quadrangle March, 2007

.Anke Audenaert VP of Global Research Founder, Jump-Time Inc. April, 2007

.Dave Goldberg Head of Music EIR, Benchmark Capital April, 2007

.Bob Roback Head of Music Founder, Twain Media April, 2007

.Andrew Braccia VP Yahoo! Search Partner, Accel April, 2007

.Dominique Vidal CEO of Yahoo! Europe Partner, Index Ventures April, 2007

.Lorna Borenstein VP, Yahoo! Search Marketing President, May, 2007

.Sarah Ross Sr. Director, Global Brand Marketing CMO, TechCrunch May, 2007

.William Bradford VP Content Operations SVP, Content Strategy for Fox Interactive May, 2007

.Lars Rabbe CIO CIO, Intuit May, 2007

.Pamela Thompson Johnston Regional VP of Emerging Markets SVP Global Sales & Marketing, DivX May, 2007

.Sean Atkins VP of Content Operations VP Digital Media, HBO June, 2007

.Wenda Millard SVP Sales Co-CEO Martha Stewart Omnimedia June, 2007

.Dan Finnigan SVP of HotJobs EIR, Benchmark Capital June, 2007

.Phu Hoang SVP of Engineering   June, 2007

.Jay Frank VP of Programming and Label Relations, Y! Music SVP Music Strategy, CMT June, 2007

.Jerry Shereshewsky Ambassador Plenipotentiary to Madison Ave., Yahoo! CEO, July, 2007

.Patrick Crane VP, Yahoo! Search Marketing VP Marketing & Advertising, Linked-In July, 2007

.Paul Levine VP and GM of Yahoo Local VP of Marketing, Adbrite July, 2007

.Pei Wen Wong Director of Marketing   July, 2007

.Lloyd Braun Head of Media Group   July, 2007

.Steve Mitgang SVP of Global Team CEO, Veoh July, 2007

.Bill Demas SVP and GM of Yahoo Publisher Network Group President and CEO, moka5 July, 2007

.Simon Gunning Director of Entertainment, Europe SVP of Digital, EMI Group July, 2007

.Greg DeForest Head of Product, Yahoo Sports Co-Founder & President, GSL Technology July, 2007

.Cyrus Krohn Sr. Director, Content Production Digital Director, Republican National Committee August, 2007

.Geraldine Martin-Coppola Director of Content Strategy, Yahoo! Media Group Production Director, BermanBraun August, 2007

.Mike Weetman CFO, Network Division COO, BermanBraun August, 2007

.John Kim Sr. Director of Strategic and Product Marketing VP of Product Management & Marketing, Medio August, 2007

.George Zacharias Managing Director of Yahoo India   August, 2007

.Andrew Buckman Monetization Director GM France, Webloyalty August, 2007

.Cammie Dunaway Chief Marketing Officer SVP Sales and Marketing, Nintendo September, 2007

.Matt Heist VP of Business Operations SVP/GM Global Search, Sidestep September, 2007

.Matthew Skyrm Sr. Director of Product Management Chief Producer, Sony Corp (Tokyo, Japan) September, 2007

.Matt Stodder Director of Ad Solutions, Yahoo Entertainment VP of Sales Strategy and Operations, Gorilla Nation Media September, 2007

.Lynn Bolger VP of Advertising and Sales Research EVP of Advertising Solutions, comScore September, 2007

.Stephen Taylor RVP Yahoo Europe CEO, BizzEnergy September, 2007

.Jacki Kelley VP of Worldwide Strategy & Solutions EVP of Media Sales, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia October, 2007

.Greg Grant UK Director of Marketing UK Country Manager, October, 2007

.Brian Acton VP of Engineering, Panama   October, 2007

.Alex Deve Director of International Product Strategy VP & GM Hosted Products (Typepad & Vox), Six Apart October, 2007

.Paul Apodaca Director of Product Management, Search Marketing VP of Product Management, Veoh October, 2007

.Jennifer Dulski GM & VP, Local Markets and Commerce CEO, Center’d November, 2007

.Jon Gisby VP of Yahoo Europe Director of New Media and Technology, Channel 4 November, 2007

.Andy Baio Founder of   November, 2007

.Mercedes De Luca VP of Global Information Technology Chief Information Officer, myShape November, 2007

.Steve Sounders Chief Officer of Performance Web Performance and Open Source Initiatives, Google December, 2007

.John Roberts CFO, Right Media CFO, Mformation Technologies December, 2007

.Dennis Morgan Vice President of Corporate Finance Chief Financial Officer & Partner, AlleyCorp December, 2007

.Drew Buckley VP Yahoo! Studios VP Content Development, Windsor Media January, 2008

.Jeff Karish VP Strategic Planning, Yahoo! Media Group VP Strategy, Windsor Media January, 2008

.Scott Gatz R&D Manager, Brickhouse Founder & CEO, GayCities January, 2008

.Richard Frankel Senior Director of Behavioral Targeting and Marketing COO, Social Media Networks January, 2008

.Tom Osborne National Director, Sales-Yahoo!Xtra Commercial Director, APN Online January, 2008

.Terry Semel Chairman and CEO Chairman, Windsor Media February, 2008

.Greg Coleman EVP Sales CEO, NetSeer February, 2008

.Bradley Horowitz VP Yahoo! Advance Technology Division VP Product Management, Google February, 2008

.Salim Ismail VP, Head of Brickhouse Chairman, Confabb February, 2008

.Joy Mountford VP User Experience Design   February, 2008

.Eckart Walther VP Search to LiveOps SVP of Marketplace, LiveOps February, 2008

.Jeff Bonforte VP of Social Search CEO, Xobni February, 2008

.Tim Cadogan SVP of Ad Products CEO, OpenX February, 2008

.Mike DeLuca VP of Sales, HotJobs VP of Sales, Yodle February, 2008

.Susan Mernit Senior Director, Product Co-Founder, Peoples Software Company February, 2008

.Jessica Bowman Senior SEO Manager & SEO Evangelist   February, 2008

.David Sawday Director of Corporate Communications Director of Corporate Communications, Phorm February, 2008

.Richard Firminger Regional Sales Director, Northern Europe Sales Director, Overture February, 2008

.Kiumarse Zamanian Director, Product Management (Media Advertising Infrastructure Platforms) VP of Advertising Platforms, Glam Media February, 2008

.Shelly Schaffer VP of Corporate Operations Finance CFO, SupportSoft February, 2008

.Isabell Wagner Managing Director (Germany) of Search Marketing Managing Director (Germany), bigmouthmedia February, 2008

.Vince Broady SVP Entertainment Content Operations Stealth Start-up March, 2008

.Ojas Rege VP Mobile   March, 2008

.Matt McAlister Director, Developer Network Head of Guardian Developer Network March, 2008

.Alex Laity Head of Corporate PR at Yahoo! Europe PR Consultant, Phorm March, 2008

.David Rubinstein Senior Category Director Vice President of Sales, ExpoTV March, 2008

.Brad Ramsey VP of Marketing SVP of Marketing, IGN Entertainment March, 2008

.Justin Madison VP/GM Engineering VP Engineering, Citrix Online March, 2008

.Eric Boyd VP of Platform Engineering VP of Engineering, Mochie Media April, 2008

.Ian Rogers GM, Yahoo! Music CEO, Topspin Media April, 2008

.Rachel Glaser SVP, Finance CFO, April, 2008

.Karl Gregory Head of Yahoo Search-Marketing Director of Marketing, iProfile April, 2008

.Angie May Cook Music Sales Executive Sales, Midwest Region, Ronning Lipset Radio April, 2008

.Elizabeth Harz VP of Category Strategy SVP Global Ad Sales, Electronic Arts April, 2008

.Greg Koerner Regional VP of Sales Chief Sales Officer, MediaBank April, 2008

.Javier Zapatero VP of sales for Yahoo! Europe Spain Country Manager, Google April, 2008

.Joseph Essas Vice President, Engineering VP of Engineering, eHarmony April. 2008

.Ira Kurgan Chief Business Officer, Yahoo! Media Group Chief of Network Business Operations, Fox May, 2008

.Brooke Chaffin VP Business Operations, Yahoo! Media Group Chief Revenue Officer, Auditude May, 2008

.Richard Kosinski VP, Political Advertising, Yahoo! SVP & Chief Digital Officer, Westwood One May, 2008

.Mike Speiser VP of Community (co-founder and CEO of Bix, acquired 2007) Managing Director, Sutter Hill Ventures May, 2008

.Gary Clayton VP of Voice Strategy Chief Creative Officer, Nuance Communications May, 2008

.Deep Varma Director of Solutions Engineering Team   May, 2008

.Jeff Birkeland Senior Director of Lifestyle Products VP of Product Management, Car Advisory Network May, 2008

.Jason Zajac CFO, Yahoo! Network Division   June, 2008

.Mike Mathieson Director of Web Search Ranking VP of Research, SearchMe June, 2008

.Jeremy Zawodny Technology Evangelist Craigslist June, 2008

.Usama Fayyad Chief Data Officer and EVP of Research and Strategic Data Solutions   June, 2008

.Matthew Berardo Senior Director of International Business VP and GM, Livejournal June, 2008

.Caterina Fake Senior Director of Technology Development   June, 2008

.Amr Awadallah VP of Engineering Executive in Residence, Accel June, 2008

.Theresa Virani Director of Search Marketing, EU Head of Marketing, I-Spy Search June, 2008

.Pedro Sanudo Director of Ads, Europe Chief Marketing Officer, Zed June, 2008

.Joshua Schachter Director Engineering, June, 2008

.Brad Garlinghouse SVP of Communications & Communities   June, 2008

.Vish Makhijani SVP and General Manager of Search President and CEO, Yandex Labs June, 2008

.Scott Derringer Sr. Director of Product Management, Connected Life VP Product Management, Zynga Game Network June, 2008

.Michael Geller VP of Marketing & Business Operations for Connected Life/Mobile President, Tonic June, 2008

.Jeff Weiner EVP Network Division EIR, Greylock and Accel June, 2008

.Qi Lu EVP, Engineering for Search and Advertising Technology Group   July, 2008

.Stewart Butterfield General Manager, Flickr   July, 2008

.Chris Bolte Vice President of Strategic Alliances   July, 2008

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