Digital Ventures => FOX

BY aarrieta

We have very good news and want to share them with you!

After a long process where we explored many strategic opportunities, we have made a decision according to what we believe is the best option to develop the company into a global level and to extend the leadership that we already have in the region to other fields and regions.

This is why I am proud to announce that Fox International Channels (FIC) has acquired Digital Ventures, parent company of Directa Network, Inzearch, Afiliados Hispanos and Performa Network.

Rupert Murdoch and his team have a clear vision of the power transition that the traditional media is going through towards the digital media, and coming from the person seating in the chair at News Corp is more significant.  We are being part of this transformation on the way we consume and manage media. Now as Fox we will contribute from these latitudes to the media convergence and new generations with an interactive base.
As our press release states:

Directa Network, the largest online ad network in Latin America, and ClickDiario (recently acquired by FIC) will turn into “DirectaClick.FOX”, offering a reach of more than 40 million users and more than 7 billion monthly impressions. With offices in Buenos Aires, Mexico, Guatemala, San Pablo and Madrid, DirectaClick will rely on the wide range of Fox International Channels sales network in Miami, Santiago, Bogotá and other markets as well as on its own content network with 35 sites such as mundofox.,,, (among others).

In addition the Search Engine Marketing & Optimization (SEM & SEO) company of the group will become InZearch.Fox.

The management team (Damián Voltes, Ariel Arrieta, Germán Herebia y Juan Carlos Göldy) will remain in their positions.This is a significant step forward that strengthens and enhances our leadership in the Spanish and Portuguese online markets.

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