Re-targeting beyond behavioral targeting

BY aarrieta

When we talk about behavioral targeting, many times we are talking about the ability of redirecting a message from a page when spotting certain type of behavior on a user and working with big clusters of users anonymously.

Re-targeting is a feature that offers the technical ability of making this change in real time and optimizing the advertising space of a site or a network.

Currently the feature re-targeting offers more alternatives for sophisticated advertisers that allow more flexibility when talking to the users.

This feature allows advertisers to change according to the user the piece of ad they are going to see, establishing an order and an option pattern, designing the tree of options according to each answer (or lack of answer) withing the same site or  network.

Some examples:

  • The simplest way of using it is to launch a campaign of multiple pieces in the correct order in which they were conceived, for each user as long as the user respond or not, but without having to wait for the whole targeted user base to finish seeing the first pieces. Nowadays you either launch all the pieces together or you do it in stages but without having a tracking in the user level what makes some user to watch the last pieces without having seen the previous ones or that they don’t have continuity due to time difference between them. Through re-targeting you can establish an order and the time when the pieces are going to be seen throughout the entire network.
  • A campaign where the advertiser (e.g.:Google) offers a $50 rebate on the first campaign, you could keep increasing the offer if the user does not respond or doesn’t even click on the banner, showing is another banner that offers $60 and then $75, just to the users that have seen but haven’t answer to the first offer.
  • An advertiser can test different line of communication: rational or emotional and according to the response it can set different types of landing page. This same criteria can be useful to think a campaign using the PNL fundamentals, or any other empirical segmentation strategy.
  • The highest sophisticated point of this tool is when the agency plans a whole decision tree about what pieces should be the next one to show according to each action (if the user clicks, buys, or fills out a form) or inaction (the user doesn’t respond)

All these tools allow networks To add value with technology use and reach to a higher advertising relevance for the user and to give a tool that allows brands to talk to the users.

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