How startups can survive the crisis

Crisis? What crisis? Since last August 24 we’ve been experiencing an economic crisis triggered mainly by what was called the “Black Monday”. China’s stock market dropped 8.5% in one day, wiping out trillions of dollars of market value in China … Continue reading

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The four steps of a successful application

Article originally published on Forbes Argentina Making a successful application requires a lot of work and effort that demands a lot of experience, and a delicate process of trial and error to understand what the market needs and values ​​must … Continue reading

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The fundamental lessons of WhatsApp Purchase by Facebook

Article published in Forbes magazine , Argentina Facebook used 35% of their liquid money to buy WhatsApp , the application according to the vision of Mark Zuckerberg does not replace Facebook Messenger , but the SMS , revealing thus pointing … Continue reading

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La otra historia de la adquisición de por Wayin

Se acaba de anunciar la venta de una empresa de nuestro portfolio: fue adquirida por Wayin. Desde NXTP Labs apoyamos e invertimos a en su inicio en Septiembre 2011,  tuvimos la suerte de ser su primer inversor, y propiciamos que otros de nuestros … Continue reading

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LatAm Invades Silicon Valley Conference helps startups to build network and reach available Capital Labs

The Tech Panda, an online curator of tech content around the world, published an interesting article highlighting LatAm Invades Silicon Valley that occurred this September. Our own, Ariel Arietta, CEO of NXTP online pharmacy Labs was interviewed on the importance of the … Continue reading

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